Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

Fire, flood, earthquake, one never knows when disaster will strike.

  • Whether you operate from a high-rise building or an industrial complex
  • Whether you own, rent or lease your property
  • Whether you are a large or small company

You need a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Having a disaster recovery plan (DRP) can be the difference between being in business and being out of business.

“Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company estimated that more than 25 percent of businesses that close after a disaster never re-open.”

When it comes to preparing for a disaster, you need expert risk management advice.  Williams will develop a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) specific to your organization - one that addresses things like Williams disaster recovery, contingency planning, operational risk management and more. Williams can help you design, implement, and manage a comprehensive DRP.

We can help you answer questions like:

  • What applications do I need to backup?
  • What hardware and software do I need to have available to run my applications?
  • Should I manage my own backup capability or should I out source?
  • What resource is required to execute my backup plan?
  • How often should I test my plan?

Let our experienced Risk Management consultants use proven techniques and tools help you design, write, implement, test a Disaster Recovery Plan for your company. In addition they can train your staff in all types of disaster recovery planning processes.

Let us deliver a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) designed to meet your availability requirements.

Best Practices Consulting

Business Continuity Management is defined as an holistic management process that identifies potential impacts that threaten an organisation and provides a framework for building resilience with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of its key stakeholders, reputation and value creating activities.

Williams's primary objective is to allow the Executive of an organisation to continue to manage their business under adverse conditions, by the introduction of appropriate resilience strategies, recovery objectives, business continuity and crisis management plans in collaboration with, or as a key component of, an integrated risk management initiative.

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Integrated Data Management Solutions

Although small and medium businesses (SMBs) do not typically generate the same amount of data that large enterprises do, they still require the same kind of reliable protection to ensure timely recovery of critical business data and systems. The limited resources with which many SMBs contend, however, presents a different set of challenges for achieving this level of protection. When evaluating data and system protection solutions, most SMBs look for cost-effective solutions that are easy to use and provide the functionality they need – in that order.

The Information Technology (IT) industry continues to dominate the economy by offering products and services that enable productivity through automation. Because of the continuing development, evolution and enhancement of specific tools and products, the effect is one of constant change which forces technology companies to meet new challenges. The rapid pace of technological development opens up windows of opportunity to new companies while existing companies must adapt to survive. Certain segments slow while others boom. Now, it faces the more mundane reality of the slowing economic cycle deferring demand for IT products and services. Companies must fight harder to win business and simultaneously accelerate their cost-cutting measures by becoming more efficient and effective through process improvement, not just headcount reductions. These factors lead to an increased need for competitive intelligence to survive since in the IT industry, survival is not staying abreast of your competitors; it is staying ahead.

As evolving business and regulatory mandates drive ever more stringent requirements for data backup, restore, and retention, SMBs must plan data and system protection deployments with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges.

Williams provides an Integrated Data Management Solution.

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ECM Electronic Content Management

ECM solutions provided by Williams Data Management:

Product Value and Differentiation

By reinventing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as a simple, accessible and cost effective system that anyone with a computer can easily use, Digitech Systems’ suite of ECM products immediately provides customers with the ability to save time, improve efficiency and have peace of mind when managing their information.
  • ImageSilo® – Provides online information access without additional investment in hardware, software or IT personnel. Changes the economics of ECM with this ultra-secure SaaS system specifically designed to outsource the management of massive amounts of company data.
  • PaperVision® Enterprise – Controls access and increases information security using a simple, searchable ECM system that enables companies to store and manage any information and improve business processes.
  • PaperVision® Capture – Brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and power to document capture and indexing, because it works with virtually any scanner, implements any custom process and tracks any statistic.
  • PaperVision® Message Manager – Captures email messages automatically in a secure ECM system, index messages for faster retrieval and apply user-defined rules to govern where and which messages are stored. FREE with PaperVision Enterprise or ImageSilo.
  • PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow – Makes standard business practices easy to execute and easy to manage by automatically routing documents alerting users of pending work items and tracking progress step by step.
  • PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management – Processes, organizes, indexes and displays print streams in easy-to-read electronic reports. Makes data more accessible and easier to manage with the ability to print, fax and distribute in an electronic format.
  • PaperFlow™ – One of the most powerful, complete and full-featured production-level document capture and indexing systems on the market.

PaperVision Enterprise, ImageSilo and PaperVision Capture are Digitech Systems’ three core products. PaperVision Capture captures and indexes information for use with either the SaaS ECM system, ImageSilo, or the on-premise ECM system, PaperVision Enterprise. Additional products work seamlessly with these to create a comprehensive ECM solution.

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Compliances and Regulations

Compliance & Litigation Readiness 

Business Driver: Risk Management, Records Management & Archiving

The Williams Compliance & Litigation Readiness system fosters enterprise-wide corporate governance to minimize disruptions and risks from future litigation or regulatory audits. The Williams Compliance system supports the creation, maintenance, and removal of millions of dynamic and static files—from board meeting minutes, to human resource records, to e-mail and multimedia, and any other content archives.

Williams Compliance & Litigation Readiness enables you to:

• Administer access levels with role-based credentials

• Provide a repeatable and customized structure for document intake, categorization, check-in/out, and file declaration

• Simplify the collection and retrieval of relevant files for regulatory inquiries or legal hold

• Enforce compliance with regulations, internal procedures, filing plans and retention schedules

• Automate the disposition of electronically stored information (ESI) and prompt the destruction of the original physical records in storage. 

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Disaster Recovery Assessment


  • How effective is your business continuity plan in dealing with disruption or outage?
  • How vulnerable is your company site(s) to outage?
  • How well protected are your people?

When it comes to risk management, an organization needs to take into consideration a variety of issues, including asset risk, contingency planning, IT disaster recovery, and much more.  Williams brings a wealth of experience to the risk analysis table, and can tell your organization exactly what your vulnerabilities are – and how to eliminate those vulnerabilities – to effectively deal with a business outage or disruption.  

Once Williams's risk readiness assessments determine how ready or vulnerable your company is in dealing with disruption or outage, we’ll help you pinpoint where your business is most vulnerable and recommend cost-effective safeguards to mitigate exposures and prevent risks.   Our risk assessment offerings focus on your business functions, your people and your physical infrastructure.  We take the time to evaluate your overall business risk and help you develop a successful business continuity plan.

Let Williams’s experienced risk management consultant’s help you assess your company’s business continuity capabilities.  With the Total Data Protection Williams provides, we’ll get you the answers you like to hear.

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