Hard Copy Paper Storage

Managing Your Records, Securely And Efficiently 

At Williams Records Management, we understand that documents aren't worth saving if they can't be easily be retrieved, which is why we have developed a simple yet sophisticated system of tracking every item you place into our care.

Our off-site records management services include filing and organizing your records, pick-up and delivery, round-the-clock security, automated tracking and management support.

  • Filing and Organizing Your Records

If you don't have the time, we file and organize your records for you. The foundation of records management starts with sound organization. If you don't have the time or resources to prepare your documents for archive, our staff can take care of the entire process for you. We organize your files into labeled and barcoded storage containers and provide you with a manifest of all your records for easy access when you need them later. We'll even come to your office and do the work there.

  • Pickup and Delivery

We can retrieve a document for you 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. With bonded drivers and a fleet of vehicles at your disposal, picking up and delivering documents couldn't be easier. Depending on your needs, we can retrieve a stored document and have it delivered to your office 24-hours a day, any day of the year. We're never more than a phone call away.

  • Round-the-Clock Security

If disaster strikes your business, your records are safe with us. Your records are safer in our records center than they are in your office. Here's how we do it:

  • 24/7 Automated Tracking

You always know the location of your file: From the moment you become our client, compliance and the chain of custody of every barcode, every scan, and every transaction is tracked by our inventory management systems powered by O’Neil Software. Williams uses the powerful and web based O’Neil Software, because it is the recognized industry leader in records center management.

Visual representation of Williams Inventory Control  System for  Records Management

Likewise, when you retrieve any item, it is scanned upon retrieval and again upon delivery to you. We take every precaution to ensure that the chain of custody is recorded and  you know precisely where your records are at all times, 24/7.

  • Management Support

Williams provides a web based comprehensive array of management reports including:

  • containers by account
  • container activity
  • containers to be destroyed
  • containers out of the records center
  • file folders by account
  • file folder activity
  • file folders to be destroyed
  • file folders out of the records center

Williams Data Management offers custom consulting and outsourcing services. Let our experienced professionals help you implement the best solutions for your records and data management programs.

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File Indexing

We give you the tools you need to manage your files.

File indexing with Williams is easy, and available 24/7, online. The Williams system enables clients to title files within any carton at any time, which can be done at the time of origination, or any time thereafter. Thus, clients can add files (and titles) into any carton and use our system as your inventory management system.  

Williams provides accessibility that is available 24/7, and searchable by a keyword-text index system. Williams can also index PDFs, and store these PDFs as well, due to the imaging and digital storage on our servers.

Choosing to use Williams is the start of a smart business continuity plan, because we  back-up our servers constantly keeping data files and chain of custody information secure in a SAS-70 Type II data center. All work continues to be backed up to an offsite data center (the data center has redundancy).The information is available 24/7 to any authorized user, anywhere in the world.


We provide a comprehensive array of management reports including:

  • file folders by account
  • file folder activity
  • file folders to be destroyed
  • file folders out of the records center

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Scanning on Demand

  • The Situation: You are in need of a document now, and you are hours away. Not to worry. Williams will scan the document to a .pdf and email it to you!

Williams uses best in class scanners and software systems to convert your hard copy documents into an imaged form. Once an image, it can be sent to you with immediate dispatch via email, or you can retrieve it at your schedule from our secure hosted cloud storage center.

  • The Solution: Williams will scan and put any document into a PDF. Scanning on demand is the "green way" to do things:
    • Eliminates transportation of that record.
    • Once in digital form, items can be stored digitally perpetually, and accessed 24/7.
    • It begins the transition from paper into digital.

Williams takes it from paper and makes it digital. Now there is a digital image to be stored forever with scanning on demand.

Your imaged data is safe and secure, and it moves into a digital data center compliant with SAS-70 Type II auditing. The datacenter also accepts encrypted online backup feeds. This is a revolutionary process, helping our clients transition to online service, from paper to digital, and from hard copy to electronic form.

Williams has the integrated solution if a client wants the bridge to digital from paper.

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Manage Repository Online

With our software, you always know the status and location of your backup data, in REAL TIME!

Williams Data Management can handle every detail pertaining to your off-site storing. Because clients want to monitor their off-site programs on their own systems, we offer a powerful software application developed to integrate functions such as inventory tracking, automated scheduling, order processing, report generation, account management and security. This allows for fast, efficient, and accurate service by minimizing human error in the crucial areas of data capture, scheduling and information tracking.

Williams Client Access
To automate your data management program, Williams offers access to a customized, online interface to simplify and enhance your account experience. Williams Client Access allows users to add, edit, order & access their entire inventory online. It is our goal to transition our clients from users to data management experts and Williams Client Access puts you one step closer!


  • Exporting reports
  • Adding new inventory
  • Editing existing
  • Quick Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Order placement
  • Other Services requests
  • Order tracking

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Consulting and Management Support

Management Support

Williams Data Management offers custom consulting and outsourcing services. Let our experienced professionals help you implement the best solutions for your information and records management challenges.

The Information Technology (IT) industry continues to dominate the economy by offering products and services that enable productivity through automation. Because of the continuing development, evolution and enhancement of specific tools and products, the effect is one of constant change which forces technology companies to meet new challenges. The rapid pace of technological development opens up windows of opportunity to new companies while existing companies must adapt to survive. Certain segments slow while others boom. Now, it faces the more mundane reality of the slowing economic cycle deferring demand for IT products and services. Companies must fight harder to win business and simultaneously accelerate their cost-cutting measures by becoming more efficient and effective through process improvement, not just headcount reductions. These factors lead to an increased need for competitive intelligence to survive since in the IT industry, survival is not staying abreast of your competitors; it is staying ahead.

Many organizations are in the process of implementing ECM solutions.  Whether it is Documentum, SharePoint, Oracle, Laserfiche or another technology, embarking on an Enterprise Content Management project is becoming more difficult as current economic factors come into play.

Every organization goes through data conversions.  These conversions may happen as part of implementing an ECM solution, or when installing software that will be a source of data for an ECM application.  The IT group who usually manages these projects often doesn't understand the ways in which the data is used or the business processes the data supports.  Business analysts, system users and/or records managers are frequently unfamiliar with the critical elements and terminology of an IT project.  The result is often a conversion project that either doesn't meet the organization's needs or one that fails completely.  

Projects have a much better chance of success if these differing perspectives can be joined together.  Converting data for an ECM project presents a perfect opportunity to analyze the business processes that create the data, modify them to take better advantage of the software's capabilities, enhance access to important information, and clarify the associated business requirements for IT.  This session will assist records managers, business users, and business analysts to be better prepared to define these requirements and to lead a successful ECM conversion initiative.  

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